Service Contract Overview

The following information explains the types of Service Contracts available in the United States. Each contract is designed to provide optimal product reliability and performance. Equally important, they are cost-effective and provide excellent value for money.

In order to provide our customers with access to the same high levels of service wherever they are in the world, Spacelabs offers several types of service contracts through all direct subsidiaries, and we encourage our distributors to provide identical offerings themselves. Information on Service Contracts available in a specific country or region can be accessed through the inquiry form on this site or by contacting the appropriate Regional/Country office.

Service Plan Portfolio – Download

Service Descriptions:
• 24 X 7 Support Plan – Download
• 8 X 5 Support Plan – Download
• 8 X 5 Support Cardiology Products Plan – Download
• Depot Support Products Plan – Download
• Parts Exchange Support Plan – Download
• Enhanced ICS Software Plan – Download
• Enhanced ICS Software Plan with Preventative Maintenance – Download
• Basic Software Plan for Patient Monitoring and Cardiology Products – Download
• Product Assurance Anesthesia Plan – Download


Warranty Options

8 x 5 Warranty

On-site coverage during normal business hours.
Warranty description identical to the 8 x 5 Support Plan specification.

Depot Warranty

Return to depot coverage.
Warranty description identical to the Depot Support Plan specification.

Contact Service & Support

In the United States: +1 (800) 522 7025


Or either email us or contact us through our country offices or representatives.




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