Spacelabs secondary alarm notifications with Ascom

Secondary alarm notifications can help caregivers better understand and react quickly to clinical situations when they arise. Spacelabs provides a comprehensive, turnkey solution with Ascom Unite alarm management software and Myco smartphones.

Deliver near real-time, critical alert notifications and waveform images to caregivers on mobile devices using advanced alert filtering to minimize alarm fatigue. Caregivers now have the tools to help distinguish which alerts require action.

Advanced Alarm Management
  • Use intelligent alarm filtering to minimize non-actionable alerts and reduce alarm fatigue.
  • Minimize caregiver distractions by sending only notifications for the caregiver’s assigned patients.
  • Utilize advanced filtering options including delays, stop filters, and batch alarms.
Complete Workflow Solution with Ascom and SafeNSound
  • Access patient data retrospective alarms and waveform images on the caregiver’s mobile device.
  • Streamline caregiver team communications with Myco smartphones.
  • Speed ADT and reduce the risk of manual data entry errors with automated patient-to-device association.

For more information, see SafeNSound.

Enhanced Clinical Collaboration for Better Care
  • Access patient health information from the hospital’s EHR system at  the point of care.
  • Deliver patient-centric messaging to your care team.
  • Quickly see caregiver availability status.
Patient-centric messaging for your care team
ADT barcode scanning using Myco smartphone