Multigas analysis

Comprehensive gas analysis

The Spacelabs Healthcare Multigas Module is a sidestream analyzer that simultaneously monitors gas concentrations and alerts clinical personnel when the concentration of anesthetic agents, oxygen (O22), carbon dioxide (CO2), or nitrous oxide (N2O) moves outside the defined limits. The anesthetic agent being administered is automatically identified.

  • RELIABLE CO2 & multigas monitoring
  • FAST and continuous monitoring of oxygen including fiO2
  •  AUTO agent identification
    • Isoflurane
    • Desflurane
    • Sevoflurane
    • Enflurane
    • Halothane

COVID-19 Note: Monitoring patients on a ventilator

If using a ventilator that does not offer continuous monitoring of oxygen, the following configuration is recommended.

  • If monitoring FiO2 only, sampling should be from the inspiratory port of the ventilator.
  • If capnography is needed as well, sample from the backside sampling port of the highest efficiency filter (HEPA or 99.9999%) available.
  • Qube monitors will require a 90499 two-slot module housing to utilize both the multigas and multiparameter modules.
Measurement of Respiration Rate, Carbon, Dioxide,Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, and Anesthetic Agents Up to two agents may be simultaneously detected; inspired and expired values for halothane (HAL), isoflurane (ISO), enflurane (ENF), sevoflurane (SEV), desflurane (DES); inspired and expired values for N2O and O2; inspired CO2 (I CO2) and end tidal CO2 (EtCO2)
Automatic Features Identification of agents; pressure and temperature compensation
Suspend Mode Allows module to remain warmed up between cases while sampling is turned OFF
MAC/AGEMAC Values Automatic MAC value calculation and AGEMAC adjustment based on patient age and body temperature
Paramagnetic Oxygen Sensor Oxygen concentration is measured using a paramagnetic oxygen sensor
Product Specifications
FiO2 and ETCO2 are displayed after one breath and have a continuously updated breath average. ET will typically decrease below nominal value (ETnom) when respiration rate (RR) exceeds the RR threshold (RRth) according to the following formulas:

  • C2O: ET=ETnom × 70/RR for RRth >70
  • N2O, O2, DES, ENF, ISO, SEV: ET=ETnom × 50⁄RR  for RRth >50
  • HAL: ET=ETnom × 35⁄RR for RRth >35

Measured at I/E ratio 1:1 using breath simulator according to EN ISO 80601-2-55 fig. 201.101.

 Range 0 to 100%
 Accuracy ±(1 vol% +2% of reading)
 Measurement Rise Time <450 msec typically
 Values Inspired oxygen (FiO2), expired oxygen (FeO2), and instantaneous O2
 Gas Gross Effect <2 vol% N2O, <1 vol% anesthetic agents
Carbon Dioxide
 Range 0 to 113 mmHg (0 to 15 kPa), 0 to 15%
 Resolution 1 mmHg (0.1 kPa), 0.1%
 Measurement Rise Time <250 msec typically
 Accuracy ±(0.2 vol% +2% of reading)
 Values I CO2, EtCO2, and instantaneous CO2
 Gas Gross Effect <0.2% (O2, N2O, anesthetic agents)

Nitrous Dioxide
 Range 0 to 99%
 Resolution 5%
 Measurement Rise Time <350 msec typically
 Accuracy ±(2 vol% +2% of reading)
 Values Inspired nitrous oxide (I N2O), expired nitrous oxide (E N2O), and instantaneous N2O
 Gas Gross Effect <2 vol% anesthetic agents

Anesthetic Agent
 Ranges HAL, ENF, ISO — 0 to 99%
SEV — 0 to 8%
DES — 0 to 20%
 Resolution 0.1%
 Measurement Rise Time <350 msec typically
 Accuracy ±(0.15 vol% +5% of reading)
 Values Inspired agents (I HAL, I ENF, I ISO, I SEV, I DES) and expired agents (E HAL, E ENF, E ISO, E SEV, E DES), and instantaneous agents
 Gas Gross Effect <0.15 vol% N2Oh

Agent Identification
 Identification Threshold 0.15 vol% typical
 Identification Time <20 seconds (for pure agents)
 Identification Threshold for Two Agents 0.2 vol% +10% of total concentration

 Range 0 to 9.9
 Resolution 0.1
 Accuracy Depends on accuracy of expired N2O and expired anesthetic agent readings

Determined by the age and body temperature of the patient; if more than one temperature value is available, the higher value is used
 Range 0 to 9.9
 Resolution 0.1
 Accuracy Depends on accuracy of expired N2O and expired anesthetic agent readings
Note: Measured values are shown as ATPD (ambient temperature and pressure, dry gas).

Respiratory Rate
Measurement based on CO2 waveform; breath detection is based on a 1% change in CO2 level.Measured at I/E ratio 1:1 using breath simulator according to EN ISO 80601-2-55 fig. 201.101.
 Range 1 to 95
 Resolution ±1 BPM

Apnea Time Out
 Range 20 to 45 seconds
 Resolution 5 seconds
 Accuracy ±1 second

For additional product specifications, refer to the 92518 Multigas Module data sheet.

For all patient populations – neonate through adult

The Multigas Module’s highly efficient gas analysis bench uses a sample flow rate of just 50 ml/min – allowing side-stream gas sampling on all patient populations.

Multigas and capnography supplies

This product is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or  for more information.

Download Multigas Module data sheet (pdf)