Xhibit Telemetry Receiver (XTR) - Telemetry

The Xhibit® Telemetry Receiver (96280) provides wireless reception for Spacelabs Healthcare patient-worn wireless telemetry transmitters. Capable of receiving and analyzing up to 16 patients, the telemetry receiver processes and communicates vital signs data for display on the Central Station. XTR with Clinical Access can help you provide more targeted care for your patients.

Success Begins at the Bedside
The lightweight, powerful, and waterproof AriaTele™ transmitter facilitates signal quality assessment at the point of care by enabling the clinician to view the leads while at the bedside. No need to bring in a portable monitor or call the tech. Lessen false alarms due to poor lead placement. Improved alarm management begins upon connection the patient

Ease of Association
Busy units require simple processes. Because the transmitters and receivers aren’t user specific, admitting, pre-admitting, or transferring patients between units via Xhibit with XTR is
incredibly easy. After touching the patient zone simply enter in the transmitter number, assign the patient to the bed, and you’re done!

An Algorithm like No Other
Spacelabs was one of the first monitoring companies to embed arrhythmia analysis into a bedside monitor, and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve created a brand new algorithm for XTR. This unique analysis is performed using the following:

  • Three Lead Analysis: Advanced waveform signal analysis is employed to minimize artifact and to establish a Lead Quality Matrix, dynamically identifying the best three leads for analysis while continuously evaluating all 7-leads.
  • Improved QRS Detection & Classification: Two beat detection waveforms are established with thresholds that are dynamically adjusted. Each new beat is evaluated within the context of the surrounding rhythm contributing to improved arrhythmia analysis.

XTR with Clinical Access
Take advantage of advanced diagnostic tools with information necessary to help you implement more efficient treatment plans and better manage throughput on the unit.

  • Quick, comprehensive analysis for all your telemetry patients. A fast review of the real-time algorithm can be done in addition to a complete Retrospective Analysis of 2 leads of ECG. Both analyses can be completed in seconds.
  • The Spacelabs Holter-like Summary Report within Clinical Access can be generated at any time on patients within a 24-hour time period. Reports including AFib. AFib Burden and AFib Average Rate can assist you in weighing your patient’s risk of stroke.
    • AFib Average Rate: A measurement to assist in rate control management of AFib
    • AFib Burden: Determines the percentage of time a patient is in AFib
    • All new Pacer Analysis for new Pacemaker Alarms
    • Non-capture
    • Non-sense
    • Paced on T

This product is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or Regional Office for more information.