Wireless Capabilities - Patient Monitors (Modular)

Spacelabs portable monitors can securely transmit data via optional wireless Ethernet communication to support central surveillance during transport and to assure uninterrupted collection of vital patient data. With a wireless network, vital signs data can be displayed and viewed on central monitors while patients are being moved – a time when they may be under increased stress and therefore at greater risk. Thus the wireless capability enhances patient safety and facilitates emergency response when needed.

Wireless networking also enables patients to be transferred to less intensive – and less expensive – care units while receiving the same level of monitoring. It also assures seamless connectivity, providing concise and complete patient records from admission to discharge.

As part of Spacelabs’ commitment to open standards and connectivity, our innovative wireless solution is capable of operating on a hospital’s existing wireless infrastructure while coexisting with other wireless applications. The wireless monitors are compliant with IEEE 802.11a/b/g, the WiFi standards that have gained broad acceptance within health care institutions worldwide.

When operating in the wireless mode, the monitor provides an on-screen signal strength indicator to indicate adequacy of signal coverage for network communication. All monitored parameters are automatically transmitted for view on central monitors or other bedside monitors, and all patient data collected for review within the ICS Clinical Suite of products, or within the hospital’s EMR via ICS HL7 interface.

Wireless Services

As part of our commitment to supporting connectivity solutions and open standards for healthcare systems, Spacelabs Healthcare maintains a strategic partnership with Global Technology Resources, Inc. to assist in providing turnkey wireless networking solutions. GTRI assesses hospitals’ needs from an enterprise-wide perspective, consulting with IT departments to manage such issues as access point placement and configuration, adequacy of bandwidth, sources of interference and the potential for gaps in patient data collection. The company provides complete solutions, from an intitial site survey to turnkey project management and installation.

For pre-sale support, contact GTRI at SLMDRequest@gtri.com

For post-sale service support, contact GTRI at SLMDService@gtri.com

Not all products are available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or Regional Office for more information.