DM3 Dual Monitor - Patient Monitors (Configured)

Single solution for variable acuity.

The DM3 combines the simplistic performance of a spot-check monitor with the sophistication of continuous monitoring, providing caregivers with a versatile solution for accurately and efficiently monitoring basic vital signs on adult and pediatric patients (excluding neonates). It supports the measurement of SpO2, pulse rate, NIBP and temperature, and can be used in any patient care environment where basic vital signs monitoring is needed.

During rounds, SPOT mode complements clinical workflow to facilitate easy measurement, collection and transmission of patient data to the EMR via wired or wireless network connection. In addition to measuring basic vitals, caregivers can manually enter supplemental information. And with the DM3’s patent pending Respiration Tap Pad, caregivers can focus on the patient’s breathing pattern, leaving the monitor to calculate and store the patient’s respiration rate.

In instances where more vigilance is needed, the DM3 can be put into MON mode for continuous monitoring and alarm support. And following a procedure, caregivers can easily initiate an automatic interval of blood pressure readings based on unit protocol.

The DM3’s color touchscreen display provides a clean, elegant presentation of patient data. Clearly labeled graphic keys allow quick initiation and entry of measured vitals. And using a properly configured USB barcode scanner, the DM3 provides quick and accurate entry of patient identification.

This product is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or Regional Office for more information.