Ultraview SL Capnography Module - Parameters

This module measures end tidal CO2, minimum inspired CO2, and respiratory rate to aid in evaluating the ventilatory status of any patient – adult, child or infant. Accuracy is assured because the module automatically compensates for ambient barometric pressure. Routine calibrations are not required.

The SL Capnography Module (92517) offers unequaled flexibility by combining both mainstream and sidestream monitoring modes in a single unit. Sidestream monitoring, with a low sampling rate of 50 ml/min, is ideal for smaller patients.

With this module, you can obtain:

  • waveform
  • numeric value (kPa, mmHg, or %)
  • minimum inspired CO2 value
  • airway respiration rate

Further, this data may be displayed, incorporated into trends, and/or output to charting applications.