Spacelabs SafeNSound - Software and Connectivity

Spacelabs SafeNSound™ (96180) assists hospitals in providing value-based care, helping caregivers ensure that patients are monitored effectively, streamlining workflows, and improving communications. Features include comprehensive reporting tools, a communications dashboard for monitor technicians, and an easy-to-use device management system to admit patients to monitors/telemetry at the bedside. These tools help address top challenges facing hospitals today.

Reduce Patient Safety Risks

  • Order Management
    • Increase order awareness
    • Decrease risk of unmonitored patients
  • Bedside scanning
    • Reduce errors related to ADT
  • Patient Management
    • Increase awareness of patient events via retrospective alarm information

Maximize Efficiency

  • Optimize Throughput
    • Decrease device utilization
    • Increase device lifespan
  • Reduce Supplies
    • Lead wires, batteries, electrodes, paper
  • Decrease communications volume
  • Decrease alarms
  • Better manage staff workload/tasks
  • Improve device management
    • Decrease lost devices

Streamline Workflow

  • Increase accountability
  • Decrease time needed to find devices
  • Streamline device management in high census environments

This product is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or Regional Office for more information.