Access and deployment - Software and Connectivity

ICS Clinical Access brings the view and review of vital signs data to the clinician wherever they need to see it. It can be deployed directly to the hospital computers, laptops and mobile workstations and to handheld devices such as iPads. Deployment can be made using thin client software. It supports virtual ward rounds and multidisciplinary reviews from any location.

ICS Clinical Access can be launched from a portal or an EPR system with the patient preselected. This makes it easy to use and encourages uptake for remote consultation and review.

On the monitor, clinicians have easy and immediate access to a broad range of information through Dynamic Network Access, or DNA. With DNA on your patient monitor, you can view and control remotely hosted applications right on the patient monitor, eliminating the need for separate terminals in the patient’s room. Nurses can check lab results, enter orders, review protocols, perform charting and more at the point of care. Input can be done using the mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen.

Improving efficiency and accuracy is a primary goal of DNA. You no longer have to go looking for information – it is right at the bedside, saving you time and steps. This also means you can use the information while it is fresh in your mind.

A Citrix thin-client, embedded in the monitor, allows you to launch applications installed on the Citrix server that your hospital may already have. No additional hardware is required.

Not all products are available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or Regional Office for more information.