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Pathfinder SL

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Speed. Accuracy. Exploration.

Pathfinder SL represents the evolution of over 40 years of technology, design, algorithm development and experience in the analysis of ambulatory ECG recordings.

Pathfinder SL converges and enhances the best features and capabilities of a range of products, including our legacy Holter systems, into one seamless analysis solution to enable the comprehensive exploration of a patient’s cardiac condition.

Pathfinder SL offers a significant new advancement in the capability of Holter by providing full analysis now for up to a full seven days of continuous recording, in one analysis process and one report!

Pathfinder SL’s algorithm is designed to quickly handle the hundreds of thousands of beats seen over a seven day recording, which provides the clinician with comprehensive insight into ECG events and morphologies as well as ST segment, Heart Rate Variability and QT analysis. This coverage increases the window of opportunity to capture and quantify significant events.

Analysis Efficiency

Pathfinder SL features an advanced multi layer analysis algorithm incorporating:

  • Multi Channel Analysis
  • Dynamic Pattern Matching Algorithm
  • Beat Morphology Analysis
  • Dynamic Artifact Rejection
  • Trigger and Noise Sensitivity Controls
  • Beat Shape Learning
  • Prospective and Real Time Re-analysis

The result of this is an analysis process that provides rapid and accurate results in even the most complex, noisy or unstable recordings.


The flexible workflow and configurability of Pathfinder SL allows the operator to control the analysis in a way that suits their preference.

Clean simple ECG recordings can be quickly analyzed and reports generated within minutes. More complex recordings with multiple Atrial and Ventricular rhythms can be analyzed using a range of more advanced tools.

A new insight into the rhythm of the heart

Pathfinder SL 2


Pathfinder SL’s interface provides a simple and flexible workflow that enables the user to quickly navigate to information that they need.

Pathfinder SL 3

Multi Screen

Pathfinder SL’s optional dual screen configuration allows independent parallel views of ECG, graphs, trends or tables increasing the efficiency of use.

pathfinder SL 4

7 Day Analysis

Pathfinder SL’s algorithm is designed to quickly handle the hundreds of thousands of beats seen over a 7 day recording providing full analysis of arrhythmia events, ST, HRV, QT and pacing analysis.

Pathfinder SL 5

Guided Scanning

Pathfinder SL’s guided scanning mode can be easily and quickly adapted to automatically stop and guide the user to beat shape changes or events on a recording by recording basis.

pathfinder SL 6

Sleep Apnea

The Sleep Apnea analysis option for Pathfinder SL determines sleep apneic periods from the standard Holter recording.

Pathfinder SL is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or Regional Office for more information.