Lifecard CF - Holter Analyzers/Recorders

Lifecard CF

Lifecard CF

Lifecard CF has a number of features that makes for a flexible recorder to meet all of you diagnostic ECG needs. From patient compliant 3 lead cables with comfortable lanyard wearing solutions capable of recording ECG over 7 days, to a full 10-Lead cable offering 12-Lead ECG recordings.

  • Practical, modular Holter Lifecard CF is quick to hook up to a patient and practical in use. Rugged and splash-proof rated to IP22 (when new), Lifecard CF is designed to cope with the challenging environment of use with ambulatory patients.
  • Comfortable patients = better recordings Lifecard CF’s patented 3-channel 3-electrode hook up improves patient comfort for 7 day recordings. The splash-proof design and disposable carrying pouch make it practical and convenient to wear the device under clothing, minimizing electrode disturbance and improving ECG quality. This gives the patient the freedom to carry out activities of normal daily living.
  • Pacemaker Spike Detection Lifecard CF has a sensitive pacemaker detection circuit with excellent noise rejection that operates continuously, with performance better than 10,000 Hz sampled pacemaker detection methods.
  • On-board ECG Display Lifecard CF has a built in ECG display that allows you to monitor the ECG during hook up. It even marks when it has detected each atrial and ventricular pacing spike so you can optimize lead placement.
  • Voice recording Lifecard CF’s built in voice recording capability can be used as a secondary means to identify the patient.
  • High resolution recordings Lifecard CF uses 12-bit technology and digital oversampling, which enables subtle atrial arrhythmias and pacing to be clearly seen. P-waves are rounded, not squared off, and details like notched P-waves are precisely reproduced. 12-bit ECG can make the difference between confident diagnosis and an inconclusive Holter test.
  • 7-day continuous ECG capability Diagnose arrhythmias before they become an everyday occurrence. Lifecard CF can record up to 7 days of continuous ECG using one AAA battery and one memory card therefore requiring no patient interaction. Lifecard CF will even notify the patient if an electrode becomes displaced allowing this to be corrected. The full 7 day recording can be analyzed rapidly in the Pathfinder SL for one complete report.

Lifecard 12

12 Channel Holter

Using the Varios active 10 lead yoke and a 256MB card, Lifecard CF converts into a 12 channel recorder. This modular approach adds 24 hour 12-Lead ECG functionality to any Lifecard CF recorder.
12-Lead Holter provides a number of benefits to clinicians in helping to diagnose complex arrhythmias and ST changes over multiple leads.
Lifecard CF provides the optimal Holter bandwidth ECG by the use of advanced technology:

  • 10 electrode patient cable to give true 12-Lead ECG results as opposed to derived results.
  • 4096 Hz sampled ECG per lead
  • 0.6 μV digitization for maximum ECG fidelity
  • No data compression

The lightweight 12-Lead yoke is worn on the patient’s sternum, giving a comfortable hookup and reducing the need for long obtrusive lead wires. All 12 leads can be checked via the built-in hook-up monitor to ensure the highest quality signal is obtained.

Sentinel-Data Management & Networking

Lifecard CF recordings integrate with the Spacelabs Healthcare Cardiology Information Management System, Sentinel. This provides one central platform and core database for all ECG data and links to the Hospital Information Management System (HIS).
Upload patient details directly from the HIS via Sentinel into the Lifecard CF to save time and reduce transcription errors. Completed recordings can then be downloaded to any terminal on the Sentinel network for analysis using the Pathfinder SL Holter analyzer. All Holter data, including raw ECG and reports, are stored in the same central location as other integrated procedures.

This product is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or Regional Office for more information.