evo - Holter Analyzers/Recorders


Work smart with evo

Evo is designed to offer a workflow that ensures that the recorder can be reprocessed between patients quickly and simply.

  • Place recorder in dock
  • Program patient details with Sentinel data management system
  • Hookup the patient and verify ECG quality
  • Start recording
  • Upon return, remove from patient and drop the recorder into the dock for immediate download

That’s it, no changing batteries, plugging in cables, replacing memory cards. The recorder is fully charged and ready for the next patient. The whole procedure takes only 5 minutes!

Advanced design meets clinical needs

The evo Digital Holter Recorder has been inspired by cardiologists to fit your needs for arrhythmia diagnosis. evo combines patient comfort with ease of use. The intuitive screens, hook up display and configurability make this recorder easy to use while delivering high quality ECG.

  • On board screen for signal quality check and information ensures good quality recordings.
  • Dynamic Energy SourceTM eliminates the need for disposable batteries and offers low a cost of ownership with reduced maintenance.
  • Fixed memory Fixed internal memory ensures reliability of data recording. No data transfer cards are required.
  • Fast ECG download and recharge via USB docking station: Work smart evo fully charges during data download so the recorder is always ready for the next patient.
  • Individual lead wires for easy removal, reducing the need for lead replacement and lowering cost of operation.

Practical Holter

  • Robust – Evo uses optical data download and wireless charging to negate the need for a plug in cable. The recorder is sealed to make cleaning quick and simple and to better withstand the wear and tear of ambulatory use.
  • Pacing detection comes as standard and all recordings can be analyzed with Spacelabs Healthcare Holter systems.
  • Record up to 48 hrs of ECG data.
  • The menu system puts you in control, with common settings stored as standard.
  • Small, and lightweight, just 2½ oz (72g) evo is easy to wear under clothing or on a belt clip, for patient comfort and compliance

Reliability, ease of use, and low cost of ownership make evo ideal for busy cardiology departments as well as Physician’s offices.

Sentinel-Connectivity in Cardiology

Sentinel fully integrates reports from our entire range of noninvasive diagnostic cardiology procedures: Holter monitoring, ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM), 12-Lead ECG, and ECG stress testing. Sentinel organizes the data and stores both details and recordings in a central, networked database – saving time in searching for records and improving your efficiency.

Analyze 2 days of Holter in one report with Pathfinder SL. Clean simple ECG recordings can be quickly analyzed and reports generated within minutes. More complex recordings with multiple Atrial and Ventricular rhythms can be analyzed using a range of more advanced tools.

You will find that Sentinel’s innovative capabilities increase the effectiveness with which clinical data is handled while maximizing capital and operating budgets.

evo is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or Regional Office for more information.