CardioCall VS20/ST80 - Cardiac Event Recording

CardioCall VS20/ST80

All the features you would expect and more….

  • Compact & discrete The CardioCall recorder is small, unobtrusive and light. Weighing only 88g and measuring just 55mm across, CardioCall enables discrete use.
  • Long battery life: A single AA battery will last 6 months when used in direct contact mode and over 5 weeks in loop mode.
  • Time and Date stamp: Shows the recording time of every strip. This allows the physician to see from the final report whether the symptomatic arrhythmias were associated with particular activities or spread evenly across the day.
  • Programmable: The recording length and number of recordings can be adapted to capture the relevant ECG. The length of time recorded before and after each event can be reconfigured using a programming key.
  • Easy to use: One button to record and one to transmit ensures maximum patient compliance.

Which CardioCall is right for your patient?

The CardioCall family of recorders can also be supplied with x4 transmission speed, enabling trans-telephonic downloads to a Spacelabs Healthcare receiving station in a quarter of the normal time.

CardioCall VS20 has two different recording modes.

  • Loop Mode: CardioCall is attached to the patient by chest electrodes. When the patient senses a symptom they capture the ECG by pressing the event button.
    The recorder then stores the episode including ECG data that preceded and followed the patient pressing the event button.
  • Event Mode: When the patient has a symptom, they place the electrode feet on the back of the recorder, directly onto their chest and press a button. The ECG is then recorded for a pre-programmed duration.

The CardioCall ST80 has an 85-minute programmable memory, for use in patients with more severe syncope episodes. Both offer single- or dual-channel ECG.

This product is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or Regional Office for more information.