The 90217A Ultralite Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor is compact and lightweight to optimize patient comfort – a key factor in successful Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring. The Ultralite monitor weighs only 9 oz, including 3 AA batteries, and fits easily in a shirt pocket. A choice of 5 cuff sizes further aids comfort while also maximizing accuracy.

Our proprietary ABP algorithm has been proven in more than 20 years of use in research and clinical practice. Its accuracy has been validated by official organizations in the US, UK, France and Germany. Our Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitors have also been proven in hundreds of clinical trials worldwide. You can verify this by entering “Spacelabs” in the search engine on the PubMed web site of the National Library of Medicine; more than 500 published references will appear.

This combination of comfort and accuracy has made Spacelabs monitors the #1 ABP monitors in the world, preferred by physicians and patients alike.

This product is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or Regional Office for more information.