Spacelabs OnTrak Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor has been comprehensively tested and validated against all three of the recognized international protocols, to give you reassurance and confidence when assessing a patient’s hypertension. When combined with Spacelabs’ Sentinel Cardiology Information Management system, OnTrak provides a scalable solution for all your hypertension analysis and review needs.
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The 90217A Ultralite Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor is compact and lightweight to optimize patient comfort – a key factor in successful Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring. The Ultralite monitor weighs only 9 oz, including 3 AA batteries, and fits easily in a shirt pocket. A choice of 5 cuff sizes further aids comfort while also maximizing accuracy.
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Sentinel – Connectivity in Cardiology fully integrates reports from our entire range of noninvasive diagnostic cardiology procedures: Holter monitoring, ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM), 12-lead ECG, and ECG stress testing.