ABP Monitoring

Spacelabs OnTrak Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor has been comprehensively tested and validated against all three of the recognized international protocols, to give you reassurance and confidence when assessing a patient’s hypertension. When combined with Spacelabs’ Sentinel Cardiology Information Management system, OnTrak provides a scalable solution for all your hypertension analysis and review needs.
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The 90217A Ultralite Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor is compact and lightweight to optimize patient comfort – a key factor in successful Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring. The Ultralite monitor weighs only 9 oz, including 3 AA batteries, and fits easily in a shirt pocket. A choice of 5 cuff sizes further aids comfort while also maximizing accuracy.
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Not all products are available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or Regional Office for more information.

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OnTrak, the New Evolution of ABPM from Spacelabs Healthcare

Vigilance with Confidence

OnTrak is the result of over forty years of expertise in the research and development of ambulatory blood pressure recording.