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It's GO time! CardioPulse Go compact electrocardiograph is always ready to go, even in the most acute settings. Compact and portable at under 2.5 pounds Bi-directional DICOM into existing EMR or PACS systems The ideal device for those who desire a more paperless workflow Review, store, transmit and even print 12-lead rhythm strip for up [...]

Eclipse Pro extended Holter recorder

Eclipse Pro extended Holter recorder One device for multiple diagnostic needs If you’re looking for a Holter recorder for a wide range of patients and diagnostic needs, you’ve found it. Spacelabs Eclipse Pro brings new advantages in its range of recording options, ease of use, patient compliance, and fast turnaround – helping to keep you [...]

Resting ECG

Resting ECG Clinical accuracy, advanced data analysis Spacelabs offers a range of resting electrocardiograph (ECG or EKG) devices designed to meet the unique needs of your patients within your clinical setting. Our solutions range from a highly portable six channel recorder, to mid-range 12-lead ECG devices, up to our high-end true 18-lead product supporting 18-, [...]

ABP monitoring

ABP monitoring Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) is the most cost-effective monitoring strategy. Compared with other dietary, lifestyle, and metabolic risk factors, high blood pressure is the leading cause of death in women and the second-leading cause of death in men.1 Findings of a study suggest that ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) is the most [...]