Spacelabs Healthcare offers a wide range of patient monitors for use with our Anesthesia Systems. The Perioperative Suite integrates OR-specific features such as:

  • BISx module for up-to-date monitoring of depth of consciousness and sedation level.
  • Multigas Analyzer measures O2, CO2, N2O, plus five anesthetic agents. It can also identify mixed agents.

The Perioperative software also includes a “start/end case” feature for easy transition between setup, starting and ending the procedure – just one button for each. Many other technologies may be seamlessly integrated in Spacelabs patient monitors via our Flexport interfaces, giving you comprehensive patient information. The SL series of patient monitors also offer wireless connectivity, WinDNA applications, and open architecture to bring vital information to the point of care. You can access lab results, radiology reports, or your hospital information system directly at the SL monitor.

Perioperative software

Applications specific to the operating room have been combined in a perioperative software package for SL monitors.