ARKON Ventilation - Anesthesia Ventilators

ARKON offers a full range of ventilator modes, which all come as part of the standard configuration.

Feature Rich Ventilation:

    • Patient Range: Ventilator is designed for infant to adult patients.
    • Auto Drive Gas: Automatically switching drive gas if the selected drive gas is lost.
    • Ventilator Display: Adaptable configurations allows selection of between 1-3 waveforms along with the ability to select and view set and monitored parameters, alarm settings and anesthesia gas parameters.
    • All Major Modes of Ventilation:
    • – Volume Control
      – Pressure Control
      – Pressure Support

      – Pressure Control Volume Guarantee
      – SIMV with Volume and Pressure Support
      – SIMV with Pressure & Pressure Support

    • Ventilator Control: Full touch screen control, ComWheel.
    • Waveforms: Auto scaling of selected waveforms, user can manually scale as desired.
    • Display Size: 15.6 inch color LCD, fully configurable, wide-screen display.
    • Spirometry (the following waveforms can be displayed):
    • – Pressure/Time
      – Flow/Time
      – Volume/Time

      – CO2/Time
      – Anesthetic Agent Concentration/Time

    • Cardiac Bypass Mode: Standard.
    • Default Setting: Hospital specified settings (mode, settings, alarms, display configuration, etc.) can be stored for easy selection.


    This product is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or Regional Office for more information.