Anesthesia Delivery & Ventilation

Anesthesia Delivery & Ventilation

Spacelabs has redesigned the anesthesia delivery experience with the ARKON Anesthesia Delivery System. With innovative industrial design concepts, features that accommodate the way clinicians work, and an expandable workspace, ARKON helps to manage the complex workflows in operating rooms today.

Designed from the clinician’s perspective, ARKON enables you to adapt your equipment and configuration to your patients, your procedures, your preferences – what we call “Anesthesia Your Way.” ARKON allows you to truly focus on your patients.

Building on Tradition

Our expertise in anesthesia delivery and ventilation has its roots in Blease Medical, with its rich 60-year history. Blease Medical developed its first anesthesia machine in 1947 and the first Manley anesthesia ventilator in 1960. Blease Medical joined Spacelabs in 2005, and in 2009, Spacelabs opened a U.S. office in Madison, Wisconsin dedicated to anesthesia delivery and ventilation solutions. In 2013, Spacelabs introduced ARKON, earning recognition for outstanding design by Medical Design Excellence Awards in 2014.

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