COVID-19 Leverage tools that enable your staff to deliver care away from the bedside. - Reduce risk of infection to staff
- Reduce risk of caregivers spreading infection
- Minimize the need for Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE) when it is in short supply
Introducing Sentinel 11 - Advanced analysis and reporting - Increased cybersecurity for enterprise-wide data access - Single unified interface across modalities - Direct EMR integration - Significant cost savings with open architecture and single enterprise interface - Continuous patient record across the enterprise with patient data transfer - Waveforms and vitals where and when you need them Technology for collaborative care Technology for collaborative care From measuring vital signs of astronauts in space to watching over millions of patients around the world every day Spacelabs Healthcare is redefining what's possible in medical technology Spacelabs OnTrak APBM

The evolution of ABPM

- Review and analyze data from satellite facilities with Sentinel - Tested and validated against recognized international protocols - Comfort Mode to reduce patient anxiety cardiology information management system

Comprehensive solutions for hospitals focused on achieving value-based care.

Reviewing Sentinel activity report

Spacelabs offers a complete range of non-invasive cardiology solutions.

Get access to clinical data where and when you need it.


Improve patient safety and overall care

SafeNSound software revolutionizes workflow and puts patient safety at the forefront of care.

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