Xhibit- Central Intelligence Redefined.

The Xhibit central station is a scalable central monitoring system providing you freedom to monitor up to 48 patients.

 Xhibit-four screen-No doctor background-MoreCropped

Use just one or up to four high-definition displays for detailed views of any patient on the network.

Easily adjust which patients are viewed on each display and the acuity of their monitoring with highly customizable views. The ‘one touch’ or ‘one click’ feature quickly shows the bedside view for a particular patient on one full screen.

alarm with boxes

Clinicians can quickly identify alarm severity through colors, flashes and audible tones that are customizable to meet the needs of your unit.

Xhibit also allows you to organize information according to a patient’s condition. Intuitive menus ensure workflow and minimal user interactions saves time and improves decision makingSticky Notes-cropped.

The virtual sticky notes feature enables you to place a visual note on screen such as ‘patient in OR’ removing the need for paper notes.

Full disclosure, clinical information systems, PACS, and more can be viewed with Xhibit central station via Spacelabs’ Intesys Clinical Suite and Dynamic Network Access.

• Installs onto your network in less than 30 minutes

• High level of cyber-security and reliability employed for peace of mind

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