Welcome to ARKON – The high-performance anesthesia delivery system that offers the maximum in functionality, comfort and control.

Until now, anesthesia delivery systems were designed from a technology perspective. While this is obviously key – we saw it was not enough. Rather than look to functionality and reliability as the end in itself, we saw them as the points of entry and asked, “how could we make it even better?”  The answer – ARKON.


Welcome To Your Clinic

Put Your Patient Front and Center

This “evolutionary” anesthesia delivery system expands to enable a wide-angle view of the clinical setting, so you can face your patient. Plus, it offers a host of additional clinical advancements, including:

  • Centrally located clinical controls for ease-of-use
  • A touchscreen display with intelligent navigation
  • Intuitive and highly customizable user interface
  • Signature lighting to emphasize active controls
  • A rotating breathing circuit for bringing anesthesia delivery closer to your patient
  • A full range of ventilation modes

Welcome To Your Office

Workspace for Your Work

Using innovative concepts in industrial design, ARKON offers a variety of features that help to manage overall workflow in the operating room, including:

  • Natural storage areas for equipment and paperwork
  • An expandable work surface
  • A system status computer that communicates, the state of the battery back up, inlet gas pressure, gas scavenging and machine check out
  • Seven electrical outlets distributed where they are needed
  • Built-in USB and Ethernet ports
  • Alternate height work surfaces
  • A convenient drop down shelf
  • A pull out keyboard tray
  • Built-in lighting where you want it

We focused on everything, so you can truly focus on your patients.

Built From Your Perspective

ARKON is the result of years of research and interviews with clinicians from across the globe. We also observed a full range of anesthesia delivery systems in use and studied the latest findings in the field of ergonomics. After all, we recognize that in order to provide the best possible care to patients and their families, the needs of caregivers must first be met. And we’ve done just that with ARKON

Get a closer look by clicking on the links to the right for the ARKON video and brochure. Then experience it for yourself!

Download ARKON

Get a closer look at ARKON by clicking on the following video links. Then experience it for yourself!

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The ARKON anesthesia delivery system is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or Regional Office for more information.